Scubapro Dealer
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Scubapro Dealer

If you are looking for the highest quality Scuba equipment then it has to be Scubapro.

We have been Scubapro Dealers for 10 years, here in Tenerife, and are the only Dive centre, in the region, with 2 fully trained Technicians on site.

With full repair facilities and a huge stock of equipment we are confident we can assist you in choosing the right set up for you.

As the longest running 100% Scubapro authorised centre in Tenerife we operate to the highest standards of equipment maintenance and repair.

Unlike some Dive Centers we dont take the combined years in the business of all the staff and add them up to make us look good or sound amazing, just the easy truth of, having been here for 10 years doing what we love to do.

Pop in for a chat or to discuss your scuba equipment requirements.

Scubapro Dealer Tenerife

Scubapro Tenerife