Scuba Diving in Abades Updates
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Scuba Diving in Abades Updates

The local Town Hall has implemented a number of programs to improve and enhance the Abades area, including diving.

One of our suggestions made to the Coastal Director for Tenerife, many years ago, was to have a specific and separate entrance  for scuba divers to enter the water safely and away form the beach go’ers.

It appears the Town Hall has now introduced this, however has not yet provided an acceptable route into the water. The official route into the water is now clearly sign posted for divers and we hope the Town Hall we soon have additional measures in place to make it an easier route!

Illegal Camping 

The Town Hall, along with the Local Police evicted many 100’s of illegal long term campers from the coastal strip from Poris to Abades.

It is in an effort to improve the local environment for all.

Unfortunately in the evicting of the Campers, the shocking mess left behind has not yet been addressed, and whilst it does not affect our customers, or diving, we will add pressure to the Town Hall to clear it up before it impacts on the ocean as this is beyond our capabilities on our normal beach clean ups! 

Update 11th August 2020

Efforts  have now been made to clean up the area inhabiting by the “campers” and is looking good.