PADI Instructor job
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PADI Instructor job

Wanted – PADI instructor in Tenerife – Must be in or can travel to Tenerife under current restrictions.


As the leader in providing professional PADI training we now need additional high quality, experienced, professionally trained PADI Instructors.

We are the busiest PADI 5 Star IDC Centre in the Region and have recently become a PADI CDC (If you need to look that up you are probably not the Instructor for us).

We are actively seeking new Team members to join us with an immediate start.

Please answer the questions below honestly and then click the link to apply.


Before you apply please ensure you can answer yes to ALL of the following:
I am at least a PADI OWSI
I am in Active status with insurance
I am in Tenerife or can be within 2 weeks
I know the difference between “friendly” and making friends
I am 100% honest
I have a European Passport (Or have a Visa to enter Spain)
I am hard working
I am happy to carry and fill tanks
I have a can do attitude
I have teaching experience
I am single
I am hard working….. (Yes again)
I am fluent in English
I am a mature person (In attitude, not necessarily in age)
I am a Team player
I have experience on using a mop and willing to do so again
I have all my own quality diving equipment, or willing to purchase
I know how to adhere to PADI Standards
I can follow instructions
I can work on my own
I have read your website and fully understand what you offer and think it’s a great business model


Now please ensure you can answer NO to all of the following:
I am a dive diva
I am a dive Princess
I am a smoker
Its all about me me me me
It’s always everyone else’s fault

To apply please click here