Accommodation for Divemasters and Instructors

Please find below questions and answers relating to accommodation.

Why choose us for your PADI internship or PADI Professional program?

We are simply the best place to come for your PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor internship. We run our internships totally differently from any other Dive Centre. We have radically changed the whole methodology behind scuba diving training for the professional and put YOU first! Add to this our beautiful surroundings with great weather almost 365 days a year and cheap flight connections to all of Europe and the family atmosphere and you will start to understand why we are number one for internships.

Here are some of the reasons that make us special:
PADI Divemaster Training Academy
We are not a Dive Centre that also tries to do internships, we are an Academy for PADI Divemasters and PADI Instructors! That means a dedicated team of instructors to teach, train and inspire YOU.

With a limited intake of interns and a high ratio of Instructors to interns we believe we are in the best position to give you a fantastic time during your scuba diving internship.

Having trained a huge number of PADI Divemasters and PADI Instructors we have listened to all the feedback and taken all "the best bits" and combined them into one Academy for your best experience and highest possible standards.

Want a job? We only employ Divemasters and Instructors who have been trained by us, why? Because of our very high standards no other Dive Centre matches our expectations. Once you have completed your internship you are welcome to stay on for more experience and if exceptional there is always a strong possibility of employment with us.

The Divemaster internship Academy has a friendly and fun atmosphere with lots going on and a great social scene. We believe you should work hard and play harder!

Because we train diving professionals from all levels you will get to experience and chat to all kinds of divers from all over the world.

Best location in Europe? We think so!
We are located in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. With almost daily connecting flights to most of Europe and the "budget" airlines flying to Tenerife, flights are very affordable.

In Tenerife we have everything from Europe's largest Water Park, a stunning volcano, long sandy beaches, beautiful warm blue Atlantic ocean and 1,000's of bars, restaurants, cafes, and so many things to do, on your days off you will be spoilt for choice.

Experienced Instructors
At the Academy we have a team of very experienced PADI scuba diving instructors, with many years of teaching experience behind them. Our emphasis is on making you a safe, competent diver and dive leader .

We are very proud to have the only resident PADI Platinum Elite 300 Course Director on our Team for all Instructor training as well as being the only Dive Centre with 2 PADI Master Instructors and a Staff Instructor on full time staff.

Our Instructors are able not only to teach you to be a PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor but also give you the extra knowledge to get into employment quickly and how to avoid the pitfalls that a lot of newly certified Divemasters fall into when trying to find work.

The whole team are committed to high standards of service and safety, demonstrated through our excellent safety record. Since opening we have never hand a serious diving related incident. Something we are very proud of and rigorously strive to maintain.

Safe, Fun & Friendly Scuba Internships
Staying safe is the most important thing when scuba diving, and we’ll make sure that you clearly understand all the PADI training that you receive and act as a safe and responsible diver.

But we also remember why people get into scuba diving – to have fun! The tone of our dive internship programs in general is to enjoy ourselves whilst staying safe.

Social Environment
Our team of PADI instructors, Divemasters and interns such as yourself makes for a great social crowd where there’s always something fun going on.

Once you arrive in Tenerife for your dive internship you’ll be sure to settle in quickly, make lots of friends and become part of the Team.

During the day even though you will be busy with diving, diving theory or practicing your pool skills, fun is never far away. The training Director who has experience with training in many fields, not just diving, firmly believes people learn better and quicker whilst having fun, and this is seen throughout the Academy.

In the evenings you have time to relax and enjoy yourself. The training Team can show you the best places to go, the most exciting things to do and where the best deals are. The nights will vary from chilling with a BBQ, to dancing the night away in Tenerife's top bars and clubs.

We have a 5 day week, unlike most who work a 6 day week, so you will have plenty of time to relax, explore and have fun.

Whats next?
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Booking procedure for PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor internships / programs

Are you ready to reserve your PADI Divemaster program / internship place?

You have 2 options either complete the form located here to get a personalised cost for your chosen internship package.We’ll answer any questions which you have about our internships, diving equipment, accommodation etc, or any random questions you may have.

Or drop us an email and let us know which scuba internship you’re interested in.

Ensure you check the FAQ section and the terms prior to booking.

PADI Divemaster  / PADI Instructor start dates / end dates

Please check our availability for PADI Divemasters here or PADI Instructor courses here

Due to our popularity there can be periods when we are full.

PADI Divemaster / PADI Instructor reservation Deposit

We’ll ask you for a small deposit of €100 to book your place on the PADI Divemaster internship / program or €400 for the PADI instructor course. you can choose between paying via Credit Card or Bank transfer.

Once that’s done, you can go ahead and book your flights to Tenerife. Current airlines are Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2, British Airways, Tui, Condor to mention a few.

PADI Divemaster / PADI Instructor Payment Balance

After we have received your deposit we will contact you and confirm when the balance is due. This is usually split into 2 equal payments with the first payment 8 weeks before arrival.

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer free of charge.

Whats next?

After you have confirmed your reservation by sending your deposit we will contact you with a payment schedule, registration pack and finally a helpful "what to bring" list.

Have a question?

Contact us here


How much spending money do I need for my PADI Divemaster / PADI Instructor program - internship?

Just so everyone knows we use the Euro in Tenerife.

The island is relatively cheap, compared with the UK and most other European countries, depending on your spending habits!

Our internships include your accommodation, as well as electricity, gas, and normal utility bills, so thats all covered.

Average prices depend on where you go, so here are some examples to help you budget.

Water €0.80 - €1.60 for 10ltr

Lager from €1 - €2.50 a pint

Large Vodka and Red Bull €2 - €5

Burger and chips €4.50 - € 8.00

Steak and chips €8 - €25

Pizza €4 - €10

Meals out €8 - €50

Shopping at the supermarket

12 large eggs: €1.96

Small pack of bacon: €0.95

Pack of 6 tomatoes: €1.38

Pack of boiled ham: €1.00

Loaf of bread: €0.57

Carton of long-life milk: €0.45

Tub of Flora margarine: €1.76

Based on previous interns the average weekly spend on groceries to stock your fridge and cupboard is between €30 - €60

Once a week we have a shopping trip to the "big" supermarket where everyone can stock up on the favourite and required food / drinks.

If paying by Credit card / Debit card in a shop you will require ID, usually your passport.

ATM's are everywhere and the cost for withdrawal depends on your bank and the bank you are withdrawing from. This is from free to €2 per withdrawal.

Excursions and days out. We get discounts on all watersports and excursions so you will save some money with us.


Tell me more about Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands.

Tenerife sits in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of North Africa and enjoys eternal sunshine – one of the reasons that makes this beautiful island such a hotspot for millions of tourists every year.

Tenerife is a volcanic island that has been sculpted over time by several eruptions, the last being in the early 20th century. It has a great mix of rugged terrain, dramatic landscapes and a sub-tropical climate with temperatures averaging 20°C – 22°C in the winter months and 24°C – 36°C in the summer.

In March 1936 Francisco Franco was posted to the island by a Republican government wary of his growing influence and power. He agreed to collaborate in the military coup that led to the Spanish Civil War when the Canary Islands fell to the Nationals in 1936. Consequently many people moved away from Tenerife eager to escape from the new regime. Today Tenerife’s population is around 900,000 and around six million tourists visit the island every year.

The magnificent sight of Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain, welcomes you as you come into land and in the winter can even be covered in snow while on the coast the sun shines as usual. There have been four recorded volcanic eruptions with no casualties at all; two in the early 1700s, the third in 1798 and the last known eruption was in 1909.

The island has been developed since the 1970s, benefiting from massive investments that in turn have led to it becoming the economic capital of the Canaries. The actual capital city is Santa Cruz, located in the north.

Over the years Tenerife has become a popular holiday destination and it’s easy to see why with dozens of great resorts to choose from. From the well-known resorts of Playa las Américas and Los Cristianos, the stunning cliffs at Los Gigantes to the pine forests in the national park…this island has so much more to offer other than great weather.

Tenerife has two World Heritage Sites, one National Park, and 42 natural protected spaces. These are just some of the treasures to be discovered in Tenerife. Whether you come alone, with your partner, or just ready to get a unique experience thanks to the wide range of activities that will make your stay in the island unforgettable.

The diving in Tenerife is some of the best in the world! How can we say that, because with everything taken into account we have the best of all worlds.

Great weather all year round, no tornado's or rainy seasons for us. Warm Atlantic ocean, people often forget we are just off the tip of Africa, basically nowhere near Spain at all. 1,000's of species of aquatic life including Turtles, Sting Rays, Angel Sharks, every kind of Moray Eel, Barracuda, Dolphins and even several species of whale.

No language problems as most of the people speak excellent English and will always give you a helping hand with your Canarian (yes its a Canarian dialect not Spanish)

No political problems as seen in many parts of the world, easy and affordable flights to Europe.

We could go on but you get the picture, we love the Island of Tenerife 🙂

Is there internet in Tenerife

Yes we have internet. In fact during your stay with us you will have access to wi-fi at the local bar next to the Dive Centre all day every day.

Every bar in Tenerife has free wi-fi.

It is not superfast internet but it is getting better around the whole island.


Mobile Phone connections

All the major Mobile Phone companies are represented in Tenerife. We suggest if you want to use your mobile phone for calls back home you contact your provider to ensure you will be on the correct tariff.

You can purchase a Spanish mobile phone very cheaply here if you want to be able to communicate with anyone on the island.

Currently a cheap mobile with €10 of credit will cost €20

How do I get from Tenerife South Airport to the Dive Centre

You have 2 options of transfer from Tenerife South airport to the Tenerife Diving Academy;

1/ The Bus station is located just outside the Terminal building.

Take the 111 Bus towards Santa Cruz and get off at the bus stop “Abades”. It is around a 20-minute journey and the cost is approximately €2.50.

The accommodation is around 15 minutes’ walk from the bus stop.

2/ The Taxi rank is right outside the Terminal building.

By Taxi you can arrive from the airport to your accommodation and the cost is between €15 - €25 depending on the time of day and any National holidays.

Payment options, how do I pay?

You can pay your reservation deposit online with credit card, debit card etc or by Bank Transfer. 

All other payments are via bank transfer or cash prior to receiving your accommodation or training commencing.


When arriving we ask for 2 deposits. 

The first is €30 for safe return of the key on your departure

The second is €100 cleaning deposit. If your room / communal areas are left clean and tidy we refund the deposit. 

The deposits are best paid by cash, then its a straight forward way to refund.

Finally you can make the transfer via bank, but then we do need to charge a 7% local tax, and your refund will be sent via bank transfer.


When do I need to check in / check out from the accommodation?

Check in day is Monday after your induction / orientation. 

If you wish to arrive outside of these hours we can suggest some great Hostels or of course you can use one of the 1,000's of hotels, and you can then join us from 8.30 am on Monday morning.

Check out day is Friday at 14.00. 

During your last day you will come in to the Dive Centre and complete any paperwork and returned any equipment you have loaned.

You then have the rest of the day to ensure the apartment is ready to hand back. This is at 2pm on Friday.

If you wish to stay beyond that time we can charge you a weekly rate until such time as you leave, as long as we have availability, or of course you can check in to a Hostel / Hotel. 



What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation we supply is all located nearby.

It is best described as functional and ideal for those on a residential course. 

All of the accommodation is fitted with TV, cooking facilities, washing machines, kettle etc.

We class them as basic and functional with everything you need for your short stay.

You have the option of sharing a room, which we give for FREE, or having a room to yourself.

If you have a specific question relating to the accommodation please contact us.

Can I choose which apartment or villa to stay in on my internship?

Unfortunately no. We have to place people where the spaces are.

Do I have to pay for gas?

No, the cost is totally inclusive.

In extreme usage circumstances we may ask you to contribute towards any unexpected costs.

Do I have to pay for electric?

No, the cost is totally inclusive.
In extreme usage circumstances we may ask you to contribute towards any unexpected costs.