About us
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About us

Our Dive Centre roots go back almost 17 years when our first recreational centre was opened.

Originally based in Golf Del Sur we then opened another centre for divers in Las Americas.

We started training Divemasters and scuba instructors in our first centre but over the years discovered in was not conducive to train a professional alongside a recreational diver as their needs are very different. 

After taking feedback of many 100’s of Pros we opened the first ever Diving Academy dedicated to training Pros, here in Tenerife,in 2008 and have never looked back.

Now we have everything you need to go from Zero to hero all under one roof.

We are fortunate enough to boast year round diving with awesome temperatures, even in winter, it is no wonder our little slice of heaven is so popular.

Our location is on the edge of a MAMP which is the envy of the Island which is why almost every Dive Centre visits our location at least once a week, some even daily!


PADI Divemaster internship Tenerife Abades LgeThe actual “resort” is based on a Spanish fishing village style and is only around 30 years old. It is very popular with the Spanish, English and German tourists looking for a more peaceful area with unspoiled, un-crowded beaches.

With a number of bars and restaurants serving anything from Paella, Burgers, Steak and even dedicated fish, Italian and Vegetarian restaurants, you are sure to find something you fancy when eating out.

Adjoining the beautiful bay is the large sandy beach that is hugely popular, but never crowded. Ideal for the non diver and for those days where you want to kick back and relax. If you have joined one of our Divemaster internships, you will spend many days, practising skills, stamina and diving off this beach.


We are very proud of our beach and House Reef and have adopted the Dive Site as part of the Blue Oceans scheme, we often carry out clean ups to tidy the beach and the ocean alike.Scuba Instructor Tenerife 2023

The local area is rumoured to have the highest number of sunny days in the whole of Tenerife, with the least rainfall so you are sure to be able to keep that tan topped up.

And when you are looking for something a little bit different, no problem! The night-life capital of Tenerife, Las Americas is just 25 minutes away whilst the heart of Tenerife, Santa Cruz is 25 minutes in the other direction. All of this can be accessed by bus which runs around the clock or of course by taxi.


Dive Centre Tenerife An Unusual Dry Day, But A Productive Day